DUI Accident Lawyer in Riverside

If you or your loved one is involved in an automobile accident while driving under the influence, this offense could result in harsher penalties than the average DUI arrest. Clients are advised to hire an experienced Riverside DUI attorney immediately following their arrest to minimize damage and begin the process of handling their case.

Due to increasing social pressures and media fanfare about DUI-related deaths, prosecutors face much scrutiny in their handling of DUI accident cases. If a severe injury or death resulted from the accident, the prosecution will attempt to mercilessly pin the blame on you even if you were not the technical cause of the accident.

A Riverside DUI attorney will work to build a solid case to prove that you in fact were not the cause of the accident and invalidate the charges against you. If your attorney can prove that you did not cause the accident, you cannot be held accountable for any injuries or deaths incurred.

In the case of a death resulting from your DUI automobile accident, it is critical that you contact a Riverside DUI attorney immediately. DUI vehicular manslaughter is a very serious charge. A conviction will result in a mandatory state prison sentence, changing your life and the lives of your loved ones dramatically.

The state of California punishes a DUI accident with an injury with a sentence of up to 6 years in state prison. If your DUI accident resulted in a death, you could face up to 10 years in state prison.

At the law offices of the Riverside DUI attorney, we know that a DUI accident case is serious business. Contact us for a consultation regarding your case today.