DUI Sentence

Although California DUI laws and Riverside County legislation are fairly black and white, sentencing for DUI convictions does not have to include jail time.

An experienced Riverside DUI attorney will review all aspects of your case immediately upon hire. If it is determined that a case dismissal is not possible, a good lawyer can work with the prosecution for a plea bargain deal that may include rehabilitative options as an alternative to jail time.

Judges and prosecutors know that oftentimes jail alternatives are the best solutions in preventing future DUI offenses. Community service, drug and alcohol education programs, probation, and restricted driving privileges are all valid methods to help offenders change their own lives.

If jail time is part of a DUI conviction ruling, your Riverside DUI lawyer may be able to convince the prosecution to recommend a stint in a private jail. These private jails are much more comfortable than county jails, and are usually on police department property or in a separate facility altogether.

In some cases, an offender may be able to “trade” hours of jail time for hours of work time. In other words, if an offender has a stable job they can receive jail time credit for going back to work and maintaining their normal routine. This alternative is usually paired with probation, so that an officer can monitor an offender’s progress.

As you can see, if you have been convicted of a DUI your sentence does not have to include time in jail. Hire an experienced Riverside DUI attorney to negotiate the terms of your sentencing and help you get your life back on track.