DUI Attorney

If you or your loved one has been arrested for DUI in Riverside County, it is in your best interest to a hire a Riverside DUI attorney as soon as possible. Timing is everything in a criminal case, especially in a DUI case. First-time offenders as well as offenders with multiple DUI arrests/convictions need the best defense possible to minimize the collateral damage to their personal lives and careers.

Being arrested for DUI in the state of California has serious consequences. You may have to face jail time, pay expensive fines, and lose your driving privileges, not to mention any personal damage that an arrest will warrant from entities like an employer or a university.

At the law offices of the Riverside DUI attorney we will investigate your case thoroughly to uncover any holes in your case to dismiss it entirely. This includes any violation of protocol by police, incorrect field sobriety test results, corrupted chemical test results, and other circumstances unique to each individual case. If a case dismissal is not possible, your Riverside DUI attorney will work with you, the prosecution, and the judge for the best sentence possible.

At the law offices of the Riverside DUI attorney, we have plenty of experience in negotiating plea bargains to include county jail alternatives such as work furloughs, jail time trades, and community service. A DUI conviction does not have to mean jail time if you have a good lawyer on your side.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Riverside County, you need the best Riverside DUI attorney available. Contact us for an immediate consultation regarding your DUI case.